The World Needs To Know Ethiopians Effort In Stabilizing Tigray/Ethiopia!

The exact number of people in need of humanitarian support in Tigray is 2.5 million of whom 1.2 million were aid recipients before the law enforcement operation #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @Georgetown @endrapeinwar Click To Tweet To Al Jazeera Eritrean soldiers raped and shot me. To BBC Ethiopian soldiers raped and shot me. And her father said, “My daughter was attacked on 4th of November”, the day the TPLF attacked the Northern Command; she is a member TPLF command force. #GetEthiopianFactsRight Click To Tweet Monaliza was a TPLF special force, so if you are on battle field bullets did not select as you are young or female. So please tell the truth to international Medias with apology. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause @irishmissionun @MelanneVerveer @essiemayew @MekhonA Click To Tweet As history indicates TPLF has no political affiliation. During the 1980s TPLF attacked his people in Ayder, Hawezen and search for Scapegoat. And finally attacked Shabia and Derg. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @Georgetown @endrapeinwar @USGSRSGPatten Click To Tweet TPLF a brutal group that should have been condemned for carrying an unarmed Monalisa into war was wounded and later sued for making more drama about her being a civilian who lost her limbs while defending herself from rapists! #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts Click To Tweet Al Jazeera and BBC must apologize for its misinformation. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @Georgetown @endrapeinwar @USGSRSGPatten @irishmissionun @MelanneVerveer @essiemayew @MekhonA Click To Tweet Monaliza, a young member of the Tigray Special Forces, was reportedly beaten in the arms and legs during the fighting with ENDF. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @Georgetown @endrapeinwar @USGSRSGPatten @irishmissionun @MelanneVerveer @essiemayew @MekhonA Click To Tweet Soldiers MonaLisa took advantage of the damage she did in the war, inflicting heavy casualties on the country. She has once again betrayed her forefathers. Therefore, the government must investigate the matter and bring it to justice. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause Click To Tweet It is the TPLF itself that is abusing the people of Tigray while the Eritrean military uniform is making Almeda textile factory. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @Georgetown @endrapeinwar @USGSRSGPatten @irishmissionun @MelanneVerveer @essiemayew @MekhonA Click To Tweet The repetition of Lies about Monalisa through CNN, BBC, FT and Al Jazeera will not be true. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @Georgetown @endrapeinwar @USGSRSGPatten @irishmissionun @MelanneVerveer @essiemayew @MekhonA Click To Tweet Monalisa was the protagonist of fake essay directed by TPLF gang groups. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @Georgetown @endrapeinwar @USGSRSGPatten @irishmissionun @MelanneVerveer @essiemayew @MekhonA Click To Tweet Monalisa was not raped! She was a Tplf special force. She has lost her arm and leg during the war. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @endrapeinwar @USGSRSGPatten @irishmissionun @MelanneVerveer @essiemayew @MekhonA @Georgetown Click To Tweet Ethiopian government, in collaboration with more than 26 international and non-governmental organizations, is working diligently to provide fast food to Tigrean people. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @USGSRSGPatten @irishmissionun Click To Tweet So far 70% of the food supply provided to Tigrean people that need humanitarian assistance is covered by the Ethiopian government and the remaining 30% is covered by development partners and NGOs. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @MelanneVerveer Click To Tweet Currently, Emergency humanitarian assistance is underway in 36 Woredas of Tigray Region at 92 food distribution points. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @Georgetown @endrapeinwar @USGSRSGPatten @irishmissionun @MelanneVerveer @essiemayew @MekhonA Click To Tweet So far the Ethiopian government mobilized aid from within the country has reached out to 2,007,000 beneficiaries in Tigray region. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @Georgetown @endrapeinwar @USGSRSGPatten Click To Tweet Under the current phase, access has been granted to international journalists from 7 international media agencies. These include AFP, Al Jazeera, New York Times, France 24, Reuters, BBC and Financial Times. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause @irishmissionun @MelanneVerveer Click To Tweet There are now 29 international organizations working on the ground under the Emergency Coordinating Committee (ECC) who are also members of the Incident Command Post. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause @Georgetown @endrapeinwar @USGSRSGPatten Click To Tweet The Federal Govt of Ethiopia is gravely concerned by unsubstantiated and politically motivated misinformation that is being extensively shared by several actors about the situation in Tigray. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @irishmissionun @MelanneVerveer Click To Tweet 3.1 million People have benefited from the humanitarian aid distributed in 34 woredas/districts out of 36 in the region. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @Georgetown @endrapeinwar @USGSRSGPatten @irishmissionun @MelanneVerveer @essiemayew @MekhonA Click To Tweet The Government’s contribution to humanitarian assistance is maintained at 70 percent while international partner’s share of assistance is 30 percent. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @irishmissionun @MelanneVerveer @essiemayew @MekhonA Click To Tweet The delivery of non-food items is also underway with the support of 10 international NGO and to ensure effective delivery and response, 10 clusters have been established based on international standards. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @endrapeinwar Click To Tweet 3.1million supported to date, also include beneficiaries identified as food insecure prior to the rule of law operations and that were under the Productive Safety Net Program. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @USGSRSGPatten Click To Tweet Per the joint protocols established in delivering humanitarian assistance, more than 135 personnel of bilateral and multilateral aid organizations have been provided clearance to travel and undertake assistance work in the region. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause Click To Tweet The Incidence Command Post serves as a focal point for the Emergency Coordinating Committee ECC to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches the people in need through the established structures. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @irishmissionun @MelanneVerveer Click To Tweet Considering that the Tigray region was placed under a state of emergency, access to the region has been based on adherence to state of emergency protocols. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @irishmissionun @MelanneVerveer @essiemayew @MekhonA Click To Tweet Both local and international journalists were provided access as early as November 2020 to cover the active phase of the rule of law operations and have filed reports from the region. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @Georgetown @endrapeinwar Click To Tweet Allegations that the region was subjected to ‘no media’ access is a false representation of the situation. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @USGSRSGPatten @irishmissionun @MelanneVerveer @essiemayew @MekhonA Click To Tweet Independent investigations have also been carried out and the results made public by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, for which remedial actions will be taken by the government. #GetEthiopianFactsRight #TPLFisTheCause #TigrayFacts @USGSRSGPatten @irishmissionun Click To Tweet