Stop Fake Reporting on Tigray , Ethiopia & The Horn of Africa.

To Al Jazeera Eritrean soldiers raped and shot me. To BBC Ethiopian soldiers raped and shot me. And her father said, “my daughter was attacked on 4th of November”, the day the TPLF attacked the Northern Command; She is a member TPLF command force. #AbiyMustLead… Click To Tweet Monaliza was a TPLF special force, so if you are on battle field bullets did not select as you are young or female. So please tell the truth to international Medias with apology. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau Click To Tweet As history indicates TPLF has no political affiliation. During the 1980s TPLF attacked his people in Ayder, Hawezen and search for Scapegoat. And finally attacked Shabia and Derg. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @antonioguterres @USAmbUN @USUNSpox @JeffPrescott46 Click To Tweet TPLF a brutal group that should have been condemned for carrying an unarmed Monalisa into a war was wounded and later sued for making more drama about her being a civilian who lost her limbs while defending herself from rapists! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @POTU Click To Tweet Al Jazeera and BBC must apologize for its misinformation. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @AngieCraigMN @BettyMcCollum04 @RepDeanPhillips @TinaSmithMN @USEmbassyAddis @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks @UN_GP_RtoP @POTU @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA Click To Tweet Monaliza, a young member of the Tigray Special Forces, was reportedly beaten in the arms and legs during the fighting with ENDF. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty Click To Tweet Soldiers MonaLisa took advantage of the damage she did in the war, inflicting heavy casualties on the country. She has once again betrayed her forefathers. Therefore, the government must investigate the matter and bring it to justice. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @UN Click To Tweet It is the TPLF itself that is abusing the people of Tigray while the Eritrean military uniform is making Almeda textile factory. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet The repetition of Lies about Monalisa through CNN, BBC, FT and Al Jazeera will not be true. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @USAmbUN @USUNSpox @JeffPrescott46 @AngieCraigMN @BettyMcCollum04 @RepDeanPhillips @TinaSmithMN @USEmbassyAddis Click To Tweet Monalisa was the protagonist of fake essay directed by TPLF gang groups. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks @UN_GP_RtoP @POTU @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP Click To Tweet


Monalisa was not raped! She was a Tplf special force. She has lost her arm and leg during the war. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @AngieCraigMN @BettyMcCollum04 @RepDeanPhillips @TinaSmithMN @USEmbassyAddis @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks @UN_GP_RtoP @POTU @AmnestyEARO Click To Tweet Monalisa, why did you not study? Why you had to go to the battlefield with a gun and a sniper, wearing a khaki shirt, T-shirt and shorts, and rubber boots? What brought that? Your age is not for war, but for education. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @The_EastAfrican… Click To Tweet TPLF uses Tigray women and youths for TPLF special force and wage war on ENDF north command and boarder of Amhara region. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @Independent @TheSun @HRC Click To Tweet Shame on you BBC and Al Jazeera! We know the truth, there is no problem. Anyway, at least Monaliza survived from war, but I hope she'll tell you the truth soon. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden Click To Tweet After Monaniza was beaten on November 4, the war broke out on the night of November 3. On this day, the Eritrean army was nowhere to be found. Mona Lisa was a member of the Tigray Special Forces and was wounded in the fighting. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @SecBlinken Click To Tweet


We have many gallant female fighters in the armed force who were wounded while defending their country from betrayers like Mona Lisa. What is special about Mona Lisa is that she used her wound to fabricate drama entitled “Rape” #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting Click To Tweet The script writers of the drama played by Mona Lisa were amateurs. They came up with two different version of the same drama entitled “Rape in Tigray” They sold one for the BBC and the other for Al jezira. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Monaliza is not innocent girl ,because she is involved in criminal activity during the TPLF attack on Ethiopian national defense force ,she is militia for TPLF mafia group. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @USAmbUN @USUNSpox Click To Tweet The TPLF Junta/gangster group is responsible for any human rights violations in the Tigray region of Ethiopia! Hence Youngster MonaLisa was injured by this mafia group! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @JeffPrescott46 @AngieCraigMN @BettyMcCollum04 @RepDeanPhillips Click To Tweet MonaLisa is now doing her mission what TPLF ordered her, but she knows the truth, she has been hurting and subjected to human rights abuses by her own TPLF militia. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @TinaSmithMN @USEmbassyAddis @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks @UN_GP_RtoP Click To Tweet Everyone should be condemned The atrocities committed by the TPLF militia group on MonaLisa! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @POTU @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @Independent @TheSun Click To Tweet All worlds should know that Mona Lisa was a member of the TPLF Special Forces when she tried to attack the Ethiopian Defense Forces at the time, but she was mistakenly shotted by her own friends/TPLF militia! This reality! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @HRC @hrw @amnesty Click To Tweet Western medias should now the truth .Militia and Special Forces of TPLF try to rape Mona Lisa, then she was refused , at that time the militia wounded and hurt her ! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden Click To Tweet


Her parents confirmed that Mona Lisa had been wounded by TPLF special force and militia groups during the war! Thus the international media must aware of this fact and should make an independent report on such event. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @SecBlinken @VP Click To Tweet The Ethiopian Defense Forces and the Amhara Special Forces will not betray the people of Ethiopia rather they worked for the interest of the people, but the TPLF Special Forces and the militia has been betray Ethiopian people. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @KamalaHarris Click To Tweet Eritrea is good neighbor and friend of Ethiopia! We Ethiopian opposes the Mona Lisa ‘s wrong information/lies on Eritrean soldiers! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @USAmbUN @USUNSpox @JeffPrescott46 @AngieCraigMN Click To Tweet The international media should still report on Monaliza and other related issues in an independent manner! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @BettyMcCollum04 @RepDeanPhillips @TinaSmithMN @USEmbassyAddis @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks @UN_GP_RtoP @POTU @AmnestyEARO Click To Tweet All the people of the world should to know the tricks of the puppet tplf junta groups and they may use other tricks like Monalisa’s issues. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP Click To Tweet Just look at face of Mona Lisa while she spoke to the journalist. It is as cold as ice tells that indicates that she is a trained artist. She cried when told do so by the camera man. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights Click To Tweet Fake reports are known by self contradictions. The news presented on Mona Lisa by BBC and by Aljazeera are diametrically opposite for BBC z perpetrator was Ethiopian soldier in his uniform whereas for Aljazeera he was an Eritrean. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @UNGeneva Click To Tweet What did Mona Lisa as special force member expect from a battle front? A flower gift, hugging? #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @USAmbUN @USUNSpox @JeffPrescott46 Click To Tweet Western medias like FT, AFP, The Economist, The New York Times and Al jezira stop propagating fabricated fake News. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @AngieCraigMN @BettyMcCollum04 @RepDeanPhillips @TinaSmithMN @USEmbassyAddis @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks @UN_GP_RtoP Click To Tweet


Western Medias like FT, AFP, The Economist, The New York Times and Al-jezira: you are disgrace to journalism by serving as propaganda machine for terrorist mafia thugs like the dead TPLF. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @AngieCraigMN @BettyMcCollum04 @RepDeanPhillips Click To Tweet Western Medias like FT, AFP, The Economist, The New York Times and Al jezira are maneuvered by the most known world class lairs in the world, the remnants of TPLF. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @TinaSmithMN @USEmbassyAddis @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks @UN_GP_RtoP Click To Tweet It is shocking to know that the International organization like the United Nations being influence by fake report presented by the corrupt media outlets and went as far as calling the security council to discuss on the issue. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @AmnestyEARO Click To Tweet Had it not been for the Russian, Chinese and Indian government the UN Security Council was about to interfere in Ethiopia’s domestic affairs. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews Click To Tweet UN should strictly abide its own noble principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign country. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @AFP @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP Click To Tweet UN should not be manipulated by corrupt lobbyists who stashed the dirty looted money given to them by Thieves like the TPLF thugs. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @USAmbUN @USUNSpox @JeffPrescott46 @AngieCraigMN Click To Tweet Ethiopia, the founding member of both the League of Nations and the UN, a law-abiding country fighting for major transformation with shining achievement should not be treated by the UN this way. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @BettyMcCollum04 @RepDeanPhillips @TinaSmithMN Click To Tweet How come the United Nations Security Council summoned its members to discuss Ethiopian internal affairs based on fake report? #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @USEmbassyAddis @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks @UN_GP_RtoP @POTU @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA Click To Tweet Thanks to the Veto Power of Russia and China the conspiracy of major powers to force Ethiopia kneel down failed. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights Click To Tweet


When we see that this girl said two different things in an interview at the same time and place, it is safe to say that she is a victim of the TPLF conspiracy!! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees Click To Tweet The girl told Al Jazeera English Service: I was amputated when I tried to defend the house of Eritrean soldiers who were trying to rape me. She also says I lost my hand when an Ethiopian soldier tried to rape me, she told the BBC. Shame on you, you are liar. #AbiyMustLead… Click To Tweet The young woman, a quiet member of the Tigrayan Special Forces, was shot and wounded during the war, and her arm was amputated to prevent infection. Because she was one of the member of TPLF junta’s special force. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @USEmbassyAddis Click To Tweet @statedept stop trying to interfere in other countries domestic affairs without considering and respecting its partner’s interests, these noble causes will remain simple declaration. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks @UN_GP_RtoP @POTU Click To Tweet United Nations state department stop interfere the Ethiopian issues by misleading and misinformation. We Ethiopians are able to handle our country's issue without foreign interference. Ethiopia will never need your Intervention. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @AmnestyEARO Click To Tweet @mfa_russia Thank you Russia for you principled stands. The UN article of none interference in the internal affairs f member states must be respected. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters Click To Tweet The governments of the world must refrain from interfering in the affairs of a sovereign nation. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @guardiannews @AFP @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP Click To Tweet


It is shame for western countries to side with the number one dictator gang the TPLF that used the Tigrean people as weapon to destabilize Ethiopia. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet The TPLF parasite sympathizers who were sucking the blood of the Ethiopian people are trying their best to destabilize Ethiopia by weaponizing fake news. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @USAmbUN @USUNSpox @JeffPrescott46 @AngieCraigMN Click To Tweet Disinformation campaign launched by TPLF throughout the world won’t change anything. Only the truth decide the matter that is universal law. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @BettyMcCollum04 @RepDeanPhillips @TinaSmithMN @USEmbassyAddis @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks Click To Tweet No matter how its external and internal enemies strive to deter it, Ethiopia will rise to its Renaissance with Abiy’s administration. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @UN_GP_RtoP @POTU @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish Click To Tweet Ethiopia under Abiy administration will soon score the second major Victory like Adwa against the mortal enemy of the people POVERTY. This time at Guba, Benishangul by completing the GERD that makes her the power house of Africa. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @reuters Click To Tweet The UN Security Council that failed to bring peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea should have been supportive to Abiy administration that brought to an end the animosity between Ethiopia and Eritrea with a year of his coming to power. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @AFP Click To Tweet The International community should have appreciated the relentless effort made by the Ethiopian government to pacify Tigray region, rehabilitate the people of Tigray displaced as a result of the law enforcement operation. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @guardiannews Click To Tweet Abiy Ahmed is protecting Ethiopia and its people from internal and external enemies. That is Primary duty of the Prime minister and commander in chief of the national armed forces in every country. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty Click To Tweet


No one can deny the most impressive initiation caused by Dr. Abiy Ahmed towards the prosperous Ethiopia. He accomplished in three years of time what the TPLF thieves could not in thirty years. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees Click To Tweet Community made Ethiopia responsible based on the barrage of misinformation fed to them by Amnesty’s so called report shame on you!!! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Some international media want Ethiopian Government get on its knees and negotiate with the TPLF. So they should think twice! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @USAmbUN @USUNSpox @JeffPrescott46 @AngieCraigMN @BettyMcCollum04 @RepDeanPhillips @TinaSmithMN @USEmbassyAddis Click To Tweet We do not need the support of others in our internal affairs. Because this is our country. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks @UN_GP_RtoP @POTU @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters Click To Tweet Our country has its own rules and regulations so others cannot get in internal polices of Ethiopia. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @guardiannews @AFP @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP Click To Tweet Many Medias have wrong information about the current situation in Tigray region, for Example BBC, AMNSTY. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @USAmbUN @USUNSpox @JeffPrescott46 @AngieCraigMN @BettyMcCollum04 Click To Tweet Some of problems in Tigray have already been there for many years just covered and restricted from international Media’s access bay TPLF junta group. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @RepDeanPhillips @TinaSmithMN @USEmbassyAddis @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks @UN_GP_RtoP Click To Tweet Ethiopia is a sovereign state. No one can interfere in internal issues of the country the Ethiopian government starts to investigate the allegedly committed crimes and the whole situations in Tigray. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @POTU @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican Click To Tweet


TPLF have once recorded the whole killing scene claiming it is OROMO killing AMHARA, and showed on TV as a documentary, raping and crying is easiest thing for TPLF to deceive the World? they will do more! one girld can do more!! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @USUNSpox Click To Tweet Can this drama ever be true? This is the biggest drama of all time, her amputated arm healed faster than her fingers wound?? Well done TPLF? We know you can do more! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @USAmbUN @USUNSpox @JeffPrescott46 Click To Tweet IF giving three different interviews is coming up with three contradictory reports how much can she go if all media was giving her an interview? in the end, she might SAY Esu raped me! Truth is she lost her hand fighting for TPLF that's fact! #AbiyMustLead… Click To Tweet I only wonder how fast her elbow healed but a little finger wound is still there, she claimed both were from an Eritrean gun shot that went to amputate her arm?? You can see it from the footage!! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @USAmbUN @USUNSpox @JeffPrescott46 Click To Tweet


Ethiopia fought TPLF Juntas and won the war, now dealing with TPLF JUNTA (liers) which is deceiving the world there is a genocide, Who just killed YEMANE? TPLF fighters, he was military, and they still claim genocide?? #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @USAmbUN @USUNSpox Click To Tweet Two Interviews, two different reports, one tells Ethiopian Military raping her the other tells Eritrean Troops raping here, well the third reveals the fact, her father telling she was TPLF fighter! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @USAmbUN @USUNSpox @JeffPrescott46 Click To Tweet What else is she going to say, President Esayas and Prime Minister Dr.Abiy raped me, why not, there was literally nothing TPLF didn't say! We expect more drama!! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @USAmbUN @USUNSpox @JeffPrescott46 @AngieCraigMN @BettyMcCollum04 Click To Tweet That girl name is not MONA-LISA, they picked it to make global, if you only search MONA-lisa on google, Tigray mona-lisa will be there to tell you she was raped! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @USAmbUN @USUNSpox @JeffPrescott46 @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters Click To Tweet They really are good, they pick a name that is so popular, it can go worldwide without even a media push, and that was a major goal of TPLF! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @USEmbassyAddis @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks Click To Tweet Monaliza Abraha stories are falling apart. She was part of TPLF soldiers. She was not in Abi Adi (as #BBC & @AlJazeera trying to tell us) but in Mekele when she wounded. Well, lies can't sustain long. #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet The so called monaliza was not an innocent rather she was a member of Junta TPLF but the international Medias reported falsely as she was an innocent! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @USAmbUN @USUNSpox @JeffPrescott46 @AmnestyEARO Click To Tweet Let's stand together to expose such big lie, hoax and propaganda of Tplf puppets!..This is the real identity of Monaliza is tplf solder ..She is a cruel soldier of tplf junta, she is not civilian ...stop propaganda! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC Click To Tweet World news headline be like Have you heard Mona-Lisa was raped twice by Eritrean and Ethiopian Military troops, TIGRAY Mona-lisa Abraha that is an ultimate attention-getter story! but don't be surprised Tplf can do more!! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @UNDPPA Click To Tweet Did she say her name is MONA-Lisa? What an inspiring story, the girl is pretty and her name is Mona-Lisa and she was raped! This is will grab the world's attention like nothing ever before! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters Click To Tweet TPLF and their lies are what deceived the World for 27 years, remember president OBAMA saying Ethiopia is totally democratic, now TPLF reversed the gear, Biden says democracy dies in Ethiopia, always having the right-wing! good job TPLF! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting Click To Tweet Even DaVinci couldn't create such an artifact, her amputated ARM is totally healed like it was never injured before but her finger injury is still fresh?? that is a total art of a lie, impressive TPLF! such skill is only in Hollywood now! #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting Click To Tweet Ethiopia suffered and wounded with such a lie for 27 years of TPLF tyranny, now the world got to see what we have been through, EDFM raped me, Eritrean troops raped me take whichever felt like truth YO! am here to play my part #AbiyMustLead #StopFakeTigrayReporting @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


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