Ethiopia’s Vision for National & Regional Prosperity!

Ethiopia continues to expand its infrastructure with the neighbouring countries such as Kenya , Djibouti and Sudan that facilitate industrialization which is the engine of structural change and sustained growth in the horn of Africa region. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion… Click To Tweet Since industrial value added (IVA) increases by one percentage point, poverty headcounts fall by between 0.22% in land-locked countries, Ethiopia has a great ambition to promote industrialization in the region as well as to be benefited. #VisionForProsperity @igadsecretariat… Click To Tweet Since poverty reduction can in turn be promoted through industrial growth by value addition and creation of employment opportunities, Ethiopia is strongly working through expanding its vision for the neighbouring countries too. #VisionForProsperity @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID Click To Tweet Ethiopia has initiated or implemented other projects and programs related to cleaner production. Demonstration projects have been launched to industrial leaders of the economic and environmental benefits of cleaner production in the horn of Africa region. #VisionForProsperity… Click To Tweet Noticeably, Ethiopia's GRED, electricity industry becomes a robust industry that enthusiastically contributes to the progress, prosperity and healthy development of a nation as well as in the region. #VisionForProsperity @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK Click To Tweet Since electricity has an exceptional ‘energy currency' that underpins the economic development mode of the country, GRED has a power to create a sustainable industrialization development in the region. #VisionForProsperity @USAID @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group @Jobs_FDRE Click To Tweet To assure the level and speed of economic development in the region GRED also plays a decisive role in determining the demand for electricity in a given industrialized economy for the region. #VisionForProsperity @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya Click To Tweet The benefits of GERD is not limited to power supply to Ethiopia, it can benefit Sudan and Egypt by removing up to 86% of silt and sedimentation. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @USAID Click To Tweet The surprising approach of Abiy plays a great role in opening of transportation & communication links, and emotional people-to-people exchanges as families and communities re-established contact in Ethio-Eritrea boarder. #VisionForProsperity @CommonsIDC Click To Tweet Ethiopians are hoping that the GERD dam, which is nearly two-thirds completed after prime minster Dr. Abiy elected as a prime minster , will start generating power by 2021 at the latest to meet its energy needs. #VisionForProsperity @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment Click To Tweet Abiy is working very well with Eritrea for the implementation of the border agreement, and establish mutually beneficial trade relations. #VisionForProsperity @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat Click To Tweet Abiy is a leader who changed a country at an edge of collapse to a country that strives for its peaceful developments in infrastructures with neighbouring countries Kenya,Djibouti and Sudan. #VisionForProsperity @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID Click To Tweet GRED is the dam that positively benefits Ethiopia and other countries in the Horn of Africa Region through facilitating electrical energy which is the corner stone for development. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP Click To Tweet After prime minster Abiy Ahmed has come to power a key historical moment was unified peoples when the first-year filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam was achieved with no effect at all on the downstream flow of the Nile River. #VisionForProsperity @WorldBank @DFID_UK Click To Tweet Under Abiy's administration the first-year filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam had brought joy and a great sense of satisfaction to Ethiopians. #VisionForProsperity @USAID @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya Click To Tweet The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam had a great sense of ownership from rich to relatively poor, most of whom had contributed to the construction of the Dam that will provide electricity for the Ethiopia as well as for neighbouring countries. #VisionForProsperity @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet The most modern in our country and is 380 meters long and 43 meters wide Bahir Dar Nile River Bridge is under construction. The current phase of construction will also play an important role in the future of the bridge. #VisionForProsperity @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group Click To Tweet Through the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI) and the Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC), 17 agro-industrial growth corridors (AIGC) are planned for development, with coverage in all nine regional states. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @UNDP Click To Tweet The border point is part of the LAPSSET project, and is situated approximately 800 Kilometres North of Nairobi, and 780 Kilometres South of Addis Ababa. #VisionForProsperity @igadsecretariat @SecBlinken @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @UNDP Click To Tweet The Moyale OSBP would improve customs administration between the countries, as well as minimize illegal trade and crossings between Kenya and Ethiopia. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @UNDP @igadsecretariat @SecBlinken Click To Tweet The Moyale One-Stop Border Post is expected to help expedite the movement of goods and persons across the Kenya-Ethiopia border. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @UNDP @igadsecretariat @SecBlinken Click To Tweet The government of Ethiopia has so far constructed and operationalized over 20 state-of-the-art industrial parks which are located along key development corridors – each with a distinct specialty in priority sectors. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO Click To Tweet The Government of Ethiopia aims to boost exports and trade through $1 billion of annual investment in agro-processing industrial parks to make Ethiopia a top manufacturing hub on the continent. #VisionForProsperity @UNDP @igadsecretariat @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Under the prosperity government agricultural production and productivity increased tremendously #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya Click To Tweet Mechanized agriculture widespread in different parts of the country that peasants are currently demanding government for more agricultural technology products uncommon in the previous regimes #VisionForProsperity @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC Click To Tweet Peasants in the country greatly realized the importance of saving money that nowadays we see millionaire peasants that harvest multiple times using tractors and combines #VisionForProsperity @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE Click To Tweet In the last three years many peasants actively involve producing agricultural products using irrigation that made the rivers in the nearby areas very useful in changing the lives of the peasants #VisionForProsperity @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet Roads and other infrastructures that have been built in the last three years enabled the peasants to bring their produce to markets easily and earn the money they deserve for their products #VisionForProsperity @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE Click To Tweet The government has built roads, schools, health facilities in the remote part of the country making the peasants and pastoral society beneficiary of the fruits of the reform unseen in the years before #VisionForProsperity @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet The government made considerable efforts to enable the peasants supplement their lives by introducing horticulture. Now that many peasants produce and sell horticultural produces and freed themselves from only relying solely on agricultural produces #VisionForProsperity @USAID Click To Tweet The government greatly alleviated the problem of the peasants in relation to the supply of fertilizers and selected seeds. This was one of the most pressing problems that Ethiopian peasants endured during the TPLF regime #VisionForProsperity @AfDB_Group @Jobs_FDRE @UNIDO Click To Tweet The Prosperity Party led Ministry of agriculture broke the unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles in relation to the supply of fertilizers and selected seeds to the peasants and made it easily available to the peasants in the last three years #VisionForProsperity @StateHouseKenya Click To Tweet The government of Prosperity Party build veterinary facilities that are vital to the treatment of livestock to the society in general and our nomadic society in particular #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK Click To Tweet The government equally paid attention to the nomadic society of our people by producing and making veterinary medicines easily available to their herds and saving considerable foreign currency that was meant to buy them from abroad #VisionForProsperity @AfDB_Group… Click To Tweet Government mobilized city dwellers in city agriculture to produce horticultural products. It supplied the necessary plots of land, seedlings and places to sell their products by so doing it created job opportunities to thousands of citizens’ #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet The Prosperity party played major role in import substitution by producing products that used to be imported from abroad by investing billions of dollars #VisionForProsperity @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group Click To Tweet The government also geared the peasants to produce exportable items. Market oriented produces enabled the country earn considerable foreign currency #VisionForProsperity @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet The government played irreplaceable role in afforestation by mobilizing the whole people in planting billions of home grown trees all over the country every year. #VisionForProsperity @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet Ethiopia is second to none in planting billions of trees in the last three years. Now preparation has already underway to begin this years plating project. This time planting seedlings of avocado, mango and other horticultural products. #VisionForProsperity @AfDB_Group Click To Tweet The afforestation project of the government is cross boundary to the other Horn of Africa countries. Ethiopia supplied millions of trees to the neighbouring countries to this end. #VisionForProsperity @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC Click To Tweet To alleviate wastage of produce among the peasants the government introduced a new techniques thereby peasants produce jointly in peripheral areas of their plots of land known in Amharic Kutagetemersha and becoming productive. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO Click To Tweet The government worked tirelessly in encouraging and follow up of peasants for improved quality and productivity and as a result the foreign trade of agricultural products has shown remarkable growth. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK Click To Tweet Under the safety net program the government mobilized the rural community in re afforestation endeavours. #VisionForProsperity @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet The government constructed in cooperation with development partners many irrigation projects in different parts of the country. By doing so it encouraged the peasants and the nomadic community for higher productivity. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat Click To Tweet Poultry is one of the areas of awareness that the government created and supplied to make the rural community widen their income by producing hens and eggs and supply to the market. #VisionForProsperity @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC Click To Tweet The government heavily invested on infrastructure development such as roads, heath centres and schools that considerably changed the lives of the rural community. #VisionForProsperity @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet The Ministry of Agriculture distributes best practices in mechanized agriculture, and hands over best and productive seedlings to model farmers so that others would learn from them for better productivity. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK Click To Tweet The government is producing wheat in large lands in Afar and Somali as well as in Eastern Oromiya so far unused for agriculture and determined end the import of tons of wheat and replace it by our own product,. This is import substitution at work. #VisionForProsperity @UNDP Click To Tweet Brewery factories have already introduced import substitution by using the barely from our farmers previously they use to import. #VisionForProsperity @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet The government greatly worked to enable us feed ourselves by boosting the productive potential of the peasants through improved farming methods, multiple farming, using selected seedlings and irrigation as well as mechanized agriculture. #VisionForProsperity @FCDOGovUK @UNDP Click To Tweet The government constructed big industrial parks in almost all regions and facilitated the production of exportable items. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE Click To Tweet The industrial parks are established in areas where the raw materials are abundant hence reducing the cost of production so that the items could easily be profitable in the markets. #VisionForProsperity @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment Click To Tweet The many industrial parks set up and inaugurated by the Prosperity party almost every other months created job opportunities to millions of young Ethiopians. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group… Click To Tweet The industrial parks set up by the government increased Foreign Direct Investment and boosted the country economy by diversifying the revenue Ethiopia earns. #VisionForProsperity @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat Click To Tweet Some of the Industrial parks process food products that used to be sold without adding values on them. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment Click To Tweet The government paid considerable attention to the development of the Tourism industry more than any other regimes in Ethiopia. #VisionForProsperity @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet The government started by changing the logo of Ethiopian Tourism from ‘’Ethiopia : Thirteen Months of Sunshine’’ into a ‘’ Ethiopia : A country of Origins’’ #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID Click To Tweet The government foreseen the untapped tourism potential of the country has and working towards realizing it and bring the long awaited Prosperity of the country. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat Click To Tweet In the Road sector Dr. Abiy did amazing and great works. Shambu Bako road project is the best example. #VisionForProsperity @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet The reform done on home grown economy was great and the backbone of our country’s economy. #VisionForProsperity @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet In past three years many people oriented project was done in Ethiopia. Mainly in farming area the best example is the in the irrigation farm in desert area of Somale and Afar. #VisionForProsperity @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC Click To Tweet To stop importing wheat from outside and increasing the production the government done amazing and unbelievable job. The best example is producing wheat using summer irrigation. #VisionForProsperity @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya… Click To Tweet Ethiopia Agriculture sector was initiated and doing great works after Dr. Abiy taking office. #VisionForProsperity @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet The reform done in Electricity, Construction and Tourism sector good. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet The principle of DrAbiy is human based and many of their work as PM and Individual person is improving peoples live and making change. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC Click To Tweet In Ethiopia we see only in DrAbiy Time finishing project in given time. The best example is Sheger Bread, Sheger Park, Intoto Park and Meskel Square. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC Click To Tweet The political reform was amazing, those considered as the 2nd party and people like Somali Region, Afar Region, Gambela Region and Benishangul. And Abiy change it and make all party and people in one and name it Prosperity Party. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO Click To Tweet Today the Election Board is free from government and this is one reform of Dr. Abiys #VisionForProsperity Government. The Judiciary body is the same with the Election Board. @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment Click To Tweet Many of the government sector and the regional Government were free from the central governments interference the cause is the political reform and implementation of Democracy. #VisionForProsperity @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK Click To Tweet Many Ethiopian immigrant back to home with Dr. Abiy in One Plane and more than 10,000 thousand people back to home in this 3 years. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC Click To Tweet During this pandemic time Ethiopia is not this much affected and the job done by Healthy sector was great. #VisionForProsperity @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet To make Ethiopia prosperous in every direction the effort of Dr. Abiy to finish the Great Ethiopia renaissance dam is amazing and today we are going to fill the dam for the second time. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP Click To Tweet The three Gebetalehager(Gorgora, Wanchi and Koisha) mega project is the implication of Dr. Abiys energy to change Ethiopia. #VisionForProsperity @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet In the world no one leader makes his grand palace museum and open for people. But in Ethiopia this was done by great Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali the visionary man. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP Click To Tweet Road is the backbone of every development and more than 50B ETB was financed by Ethiopian government for road project and as a national level more than 20 mega projects was drafted and the construction was started. #VisionForProsperity @WorldBank @DFID_UK Click To Tweet Ethiopia inters the era of prosperity, the indication is Dr. Abiy more focus on Home Grown Economy and decrease Importing unnecessary goods and starts producing in Ethiopia. #VisionForProsperity @USAID @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE Click To Tweet In Tourisms sector Ethiopia listed in10 best Tourism destinations in 2021. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE Click To Tweet Dr.Abiy government works many reforms on the economic sector. The economic reforms done on the agricultural and tourism sector register good result. We can mention the irrigation in agriculture and mega project done to beautify sheger/Addis Ababa. #VisionForProsperity… Click To Tweet The reform done our agriculture economy led by industry is bringing opportunity to creation job for 200,000 to 500,000 youth. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC Click To Tweet Dr. Abiy accomplished successfully many mega projects like Sheger Park, Unity Park, Entoto Park in this three years to boost tourism sector. #VisionForProsperity @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet Ethiopian government is not import wheat aid from donor after the reform. The wheat farm by rain and irrigation is enough to feed Ethiopian people. So Abiy must lead. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK Click To Tweet Abiy raise the Ethiopian economy failed during the TPLF regimes by thefts or embezzlement. #VisionForProsperity @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet FDRE Jobs Creation Commission and orbit health signed a Memorandum of Understanding on partnership and collaboration focusing on youth, employment, Jobs Creation and Entrepreneurship. #VisionForProsperity @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID Click To Tweet FDRE Jobs Creation Commission and Huawei, a leading global provider of telecom infrastructure and signed a memorandum of understanding to cultivate ICT talent ecosystem in Ethiopia. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK Click To Tweet Our country, Ethiopia, is determined to bring economic, social and political benefits to the tourism sector. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment Click To Tweet Ethiopian government is developing tourist destinations following the changes made at the national level. #VisionForProsperity @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank Click To Tweet Under the initiative of pm Abiy Ahimed tourism development work is underway to expand the Gebeta le Sheger project to Goregora, wonchi and Koisha Lakes. #VisionForProsperity @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE Click To Tweet The first ‘TesfaBerhan’ feeding center for the disabled was inaugurated in Addis Ababa may 2021. The feeding center provides sustainable food services to more than 1,000 vulnerable people a day. #VisionForProsperity @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet Ethiopian government is committed to making the 6th national election which will be held in June mid-2021, process free, fair, democratic and peaceful. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID Click To Tweet Ethiopia has made a successful trial on cloud seeding. Thanks for pm Abiy administration. #VisionForProsperity @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet Pm Abiy appeared steadfast in its disagreement with a border commission ruling to end the two-decade conflict with neighbouring Eritrea. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID @CommonsIDC Click To Tweet The long-distance which counts 104.3 km Jijiga-Tulu-Luwanja-Duluad-Samkb-Harmukale junction road construction project is well underway since 2021. #VisionForProsperity @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID Click To Tweet The Melodoni-Manda-Bure trade project, which connects Ethiopia with Eritrea's Assab port, has been launched. #VisionForProsperity @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy @_AfricanUnion @UNIDO @igadsecretariat @FCDOGovUK @UNDP Click To Tweet Dima-Rad road construction project linking Ethiopia to South Sudan completed in 2020.The fact that the 60.2 km long asphalt concrete road is being constructed will be of great benefit to facilitate alternative trade route. #VisionForProsperity @WorldBank @DFID_UK @USAID Click To Tweet The FDRE Ministry of Trade and Industry launched the online trade and registration licensing service and it was effective. #VisionForProsperity @CommonsIDC @AfDB_Group @EthioInvestment @Jobs_FDRE @StateHouseKenya @PASU_Kenya @ForeignPolicy Click To Tweet