Ethiopia Is A Sovereign & Never Colonized Country.

The World should listen and Help the Nobel Peace Laurite Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @AngieCraigMN @BettyMcCollum04 @RepDeanPhillips @TinaSmithMN @USEmbassyAddis @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks @UN_GP_RtoP @POTU Click To Tweet We Ethiopian give gratitude and honor by the name of the Ethiopian government and people, for the Russian, Chinese and Indian governments and people! #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC Click To Tweet We should be support and encourage Ethiopian partner countries like, china, Russia and India #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees Click To Tweet The Russian Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin government is doing admire bale achievement with the Ethiopian government is commendable and encouraging gable! #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Russia, India and China are the countries that know that Ethiopian pm Dr. Abiy Ahmed is the transformational leader of the region/the horn and the rest of all Africa. Thank you for your cooperation. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @JustinTrudeau Click To Tweet We know that Egyptian president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi is an enemy of Ethiopia! #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @antonioguterres @AngieCraigMN @BettyMcCollum04 @RepDeanPhillips @TinaSmithMN @USEmbassyAddis @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks @UN_GP_RtoP @POTU Click To Tweet Although Egypt has your conspiracy politics on our nation Ethiopia, the long friendly relationship of Ethiopia and Sudan is not easily stopped. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews Click To Tweet PM Abiy Ahmed is the foundational and hope of Ethiopians and the horn .All the goalball world should to know that he is a transformational and charismatic leader for his nation and the horn . #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @AJEnglish Click To Tweet Ethiopia is a sovereign country and no one can interfere in its internal affairs. Period! #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden Click To Tweet US and Europe, we know that you are afraid of a successful democratic transition in Ethiopia will raise the bar for all African countries withering under all forms of dictatorships. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris Click To Tweet We Ethiopians want to democratically choose the leader of our own choice the role of America as kingmaker is over with the death of TPLF. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @AngieCraigMN Click To Tweet We want the leadership of Abiy to transform our country. We don’t need the approval of the US. We know that you enthroned TPLF in 1991. The time of interference in Ethiopia’s internal affairs is over. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @BettyMcCollum04 Click To Tweet The UN and the US and Europe turned your blind eyes when Ethiopians suffered from the mass detentions, tortures and gross abuses of human rights in the hands of TPLF thugs for 27 years. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @RepDeanPhillips Click To Tweet Ethiopia existed as a major country long before 1787, the birth of the United States of America. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @TinaSmithMN @USEmbassyAddis @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks @UN_GP_RtoP @POTU @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican Click To Tweet America don’t try to threaten us by using the leverage of aid, blocking of multilateral loans, restrictions on U.S. investments, U.N. and its own sanctions to bring the Ethiopian Government to its knees. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @UN_HRC @UNDPPA Click To Tweet America and the UN you have to treat Ethiopia as a sovereign nation, as the only country in Africa not colonized by Europeans with due to the sacrifice paid by its sons and daughters. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews Click To Tweet Don’t forget that One hundred twenty-five years ago we Ethiopians, with muskets, swords, bows and arrows faced an existential challenge when they met the mighty Italian colonial army in the Battle of Adwa. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @reuters Click To Tweet We Ethiopians know what is better for us leave our affairs to ourselves. Hands off from the Ethiopian government. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @guardiannews @AFP @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees Click To Tweet We Ethiopians are symbol of independence to the whole of the black race. Read our history. Independence is a non-negotiable issue for us Ethiopians. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Our fathers gave unforgettable lesson to the Italian attempt to colonize our country at Adwa. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @AngieCraigMN @BettyMcCollum04 @RepDeanPhillips @TinaSmithMN @USEmbassyAddis Click To Tweet The U.S. and the European Union (EU) stop the systematic and carefully planned campaign and the Western media against Ethiopia. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @AngieCraigMN @BettyMcCollum04 @RepDeanPhillips @TinaSmithMN @USEmbassyAddis Click To Tweet There is a systematic and carefully planned campaign by the U.S., the European Union (EU) and the Western media against Ethiopia. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks @UN_GP_RtoP @POTU @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican Click To Tweet The US and the EU allies in the Western media stop flooding the cyberspace with lies, damned lies, fake news and disinformation on Ethiopia. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters Click To Tweet WE Ethiopians condemn the coordinated global government and media offensive to neutralize, destabilize, demonize, anathematize, marginalize, scandalize, demoralize and ostracize the Ethiopian government. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @AFP Click To Tweet No one can stop the rising and shining Ethiopia. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @guardiannews @AFP @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris Click To Tweet Ethiopia holds a special place in the minds of all Africans as a bastion of independence. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @AngieCraigMN @BettyMcCollum04 @RepDeanPhillips @TinaSmithMN Click To Tweet Don’t forget that Ethiopia was the only African country to sit on equal terms with the great powers as an original signatory to the Covenant of the League of Nations in 1922. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @USEmbassyAddis @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks Click To Tweet Ethiopia was the only African country to sign the U.N. Charter in 1945.Among the founding nations that approved Article 2 of the Charter that strictly forbids interference in domestic affairs of a sovereign state. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @POTU Click To Tweet Ethiopia was also the only African country to become an original signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 and the Geneva Conventions in 1948. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @UN_GP_RtoP @POTU @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC Click To Tweet Ethiopia has always been a law-abiding country and deserves respect from other countries too. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw Click To Tweet The Victory of Adwa became a symbol not only for liberation throughout colonial Africa but also for African American liberation. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Leave Ethiopia to the Ethiopians. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet We know that The GERD ‘s accomplishment is scarring the major powers like the US and the EU. The GERD is Ethiopia’s guarantee of prosperity and national unity. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @AngieCraigMN @BettyMcCollum04 @RepDeanPhillips @TinaSmithMN Click To Tweet The GERD is Ethiopia’s gateway from agricultural economy to a solid industrialized economy. No one can stop its completion. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @USEmbassyAddis @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks @UN_GP_RtoP @POTU @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican Click To Tweet


We proud of being Ethiopian; current Ethiopian government; can manage & leading the country and its people effectively and efficiently! We admire and encourage our PM Doctor Abiy Ahmed Ali #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @AmnestyEARO @TheSun Click To Tweet Give pleasure and thanks to popular countries and institutions as well as to influential individuals those have contributed on the side of on Ethiopia's law enforcement process and the Ethiopian people. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @The_EastAfrican Click To Tweet Most African countries are on the side of Ethiopians. Thank you all you for your support! #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @hrw Click To Tweet As Ethiopians, we stand together against the daily propaganda of the Egyptian government against Ethiopians. Ethiopia prevails! #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP… Click To Tweet Justice will prevail. Ethiopia will prevail #AbiyMustLead #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopian #AbiyMustLead @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA Click To Tweet TPLF is a criminal group that committed 27years even atrocities, slaughtered over 2000s of civilians & soldiers in the Tigray region Ethiopia. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP… Click To Tweet We Stand with Ethiopia! Ethiopia Prevails #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau Click To Tweet Dwellers of Both inside and outside Ethiopians let’s unite and cooperate together to defend our country from enemies and hypocrites! #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews Click To Tweet International media and institutions what you should know is that Ethiopia is making great pride /multiple changes under the leadership of PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed.n#RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent Click To Tweet All global world Did you know that every Ethiopian hates the TPLF mafia group? TPLF is a murderous, racist, and murderous group! This is reality! #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees Click To Tweet The future of Ethiopia will be prosperity and development with Dr. Abiy's government and his good leadership! This is the interest of all Ethiopians. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris Click To Tweet Ethiopia has been lost its sovereignty, glorious and famousness for the consecutive 27 years by TPLF mafia group Now PM Abiy Ahmed is regaining her’s former glory, we all Ethiopians are on the side of Abiy’s leadership #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians Click To Tweet No country can interfere in Ethiopia's internal affairs. Ethiopia is a sovereign state that maintains its sovereignty. #AbiyMustLead #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican Click To Tweet Ethiopia can solve its own problems on its own and this is what our history shows so stop interferes in Ethiopians business. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews Click To Tweet Leave the Ethiopian case to Ethiopia. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet If you don't know the history of Ethiopia, know it. In the past, when no country was sovereign, she was a sovereign state and she will keep it. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews Click To Tweet Ethiopia is a sovereign nation that knows what to do and what not to do. No country can say do this or that. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent Click To Tweet The nations of the world would support the change that is taking place in Ethiopia, not wanting to get into unnecessary things. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt Click To Tweet We will not allow the world's superpowers to obstruct Ethiopia, but to support the transformation process that Ethiopia is embarking on. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Ethiopia has no time for devotion but love. So do not try to be angry with Ethiopia. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @VP @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP Click To Tweet Ethiopia is a country that has not been colonized in the past and has a strong foundation that no one will kneel down. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva Click To Tweet Ethiopia continues to hold on to its known strength, and the countries that are trying to weaken her you have to despair. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet The powers of the world have no right to interfere in the internal affairs of any sovereign state like Ethiopia. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews Click To Tweet If there is still a country that is challenging Ethiopia's sovereignty, it does not know Adwa's story and Ethiopians will show Adwa's story again. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent Click To Tweet Ethiopia is a country that respects the rights of others and does not infringe on its own rights. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris Click To Tweet The international community should not interfere in the affairs of Ethiopia, but only in matters of necessity. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA Click To Tweet Stop because the world powerful nations are trying to put pressure on Ethiopia. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent Click To Tweet Ethiopia is a country that has good relations with other countries and she is well aware of its rights and obligations. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken Click To Tweet By not knowing their rights powerful countries like the United States are putting pressure on Ethiopia. So, we are asking to stop unnecessary pressure and please mind on your own business. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet A country that opposes Ethiopia in its efforts to grow is our strong Enemy. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish Click To Tweet A country like US that does not know its rights and responsibilities in international relations is committing unnecessary atrocities against Ethiopia and it must stop now #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent Click To Tweet We will not allow any foreign country to obstruct but to support Ethiopia's journey to democracy and prosperity. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Ethiopian victory against the many colonizers at many place Ethiopia a permanent symbol of Independence and inspiration for the whole black people to fight for their liberation. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau Click To Tweet Ethiopian government in collaboration with international humanitarians is working to make accessible to all citizens seeking support in all parts of Ethiopian #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @antonioguterres @VP @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC Click To Tweet Ethiopia is the only country that has not colonized by westerns! And also today, the nation will be blessed/ developed with active involvement of its leaders and people PM Abiy Ahmed will also achieve this goal #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @FoxNews Click To Tweet Ethiopians have never seen a patriotic and far-sighted leader as Abiy. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians #AbiyMustLead @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent Click To Tweet While most of Africa had come under colonial rule during scramble for Africa, Ethiopia remained a sovereign nation with a formidable army and a strong monarchy. We have a heart of our Fathers! #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @TheSun @HRC @UNHumanRights Click To Tweet


#Ethiopia is a beacon of hope for the entire #Africa. A center of security & stability in the #HornofAfrica. Unjustifiably pressuring a promising nation allows terrorists to strive. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @AngieCraigMN @BettyMcCollum04 Click To Tweet We may be poor in modern #GDP indicators but are one of the richest on the face of Earth globe Europe Africa in cultural & spiritual terms. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @RepDeanPhillips @TinaSmithMN @USEmbassyAddis @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks Click To Tweet As our PM Abiy Ahmed said ‘’ many do not want to see us in peace and progress, they're trying to compel us into submission.... The media attack is an extended arm to put us under pressure, but our aim is unstoppable. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @POTU Click To Tweet Ethiopia is a country of long history of statehood& land of proud law-abiding people. The @AbiyAhmedAli 's administration should stand firm to stop the foreign interference in the country’s internal affairs! #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @UN_GP_RtoP Click To Tweet The purpose Of the #UN Should Be To Protect The Essential Sovereignty Of Nations, Large & Small @UN_HRC must live up 2 its Charter of the founding principles #Ethiopia #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @POTU @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC… Click To Tweet The int. community should support #Ethiopia, not put undue pressure, to address challenges appropriately&thru its institutions.#UNSC shouldn't be hoodwinked by disinformation&resuscitate #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @EURightsAgency @BBC Click To Tweet #ADWA represents ideals much bigger than just a victory over white supremacists & colonialists. It is a monument for unity, solidarity, freedom & black power. Ethiopia Is A Sovereign & Never Colonized Country. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians Click To Tweet #Ethiopians_forefathers never passed on us to be weak or traitors rather to be patriots & brave. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @AngieCraigMN @BettyMcCollum04 @RepDeanPhillips @TinaSmithMN @USEmbassyAddis @SpeakerPelosi @RepGregoryMeeks @UN_GP_RtoP Click To Tweet If an armed force in a given country’s region attacked the national defence force like a heartless terrorist #TPLF did, the whole world knows that it is way beyond the Red Line. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @POTU @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC Click To Tweet #Ethiopians are truly happy for #TPLF junta will never ever have a chance again to trade-off the country's sovereignty and pride like this group did it for over two decades. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish Click To Tweet #US or other #Westerners if your #hidden_agenda is destruction for our beloved homeland Ethiopia then please make sure to #Leave_Ethiopia_for_Ethiopians & close the door behind you when you leave. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @reuters Click To Tweet Let’s us #Africans solve our own #African problems. #Kenya be an example not a puppet to the #Westerners. We always Respect Jomo #Kenyatta! #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees Click To Tweet We Ethiopians don’t need of USA assistance or guardianship. #Syria, #Libya and #Iran is best examples of your interference so #Ethiopia doesn't need a guardian no thanks but again we say no!! #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden Click To Tweet What #Ethiopia doing is trying level best in ensuring the country's sovereignty so if you can't agree at least respect the country's sovereignty. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Ethiopian affairs should be handled by Ethiopians, not by Western arbiters whose whole purpose is the interest of the West. Ethiopia Is A Sovereign & Never Colonized Country. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopians @AngieCraigMN @BettyMcCollum04 Click To Tweet The victory of #Adwa is the ultimate reaction to #Europe|an colonialism which inspired continental self-awareness, blueprint for independence and #PanAfricanism. Ethiopia Is A Sovereign & Never Colonized Country. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopian Click To Tweet #Ethiopia needs no meddling in its internal affair. How come @SecBlinken become our PROBLEM the day after his assignment? It is a very simple request which doesn't cost #USA a single thing, Leave us alone. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopian @The_EastAfrican Click To Tweet Ethiopian affairs should be handled by Ethiopians, not by Western arbiters whose whole purpose is the interest of the West. Ethiopia Is A Sovereign & Never Colonized Country. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity#RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopian @amnesty Click To Tweet Ethiopian people do not have a tradition of receiving instruction from any foreign powers on their internal matters. Ethiopia Is A Sovereign & Never Colonized Country. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopian @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA Click To Tweet “In the History of Mankind, there has never been any other black man like Ethiopians, who had triggered a lasting fear and doubt in the mind of Europeans” Augustus Wylde Ethiopia Is A Sovereign & Never Colonized Country. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopian Click To Tweet Ethiopia Is A Sovereign & Never Colonized Country! #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopian @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Adwa reminds us of our history, that #Ethiopia never compromises its sovereignty when challenged from within or outside. We stand in #UnityForEthiopia to ensure #EthiopiaPrevails Ethiopia Is a Sovereign & never colonized. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity… Click To Tweet @amnesty in case you forgot #Ethiopia is a sovereign country that has never been colonized our PM @AbiyAhmedAli is the one & only decider of access points so BACKOFF AND STOP SIDING #TPLF crimes. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #LeaveEthiopiaToEthiopian Click To Tweet


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