Amnesty International Is Not Willing To Use Credible Ethiopian Source!

Fugitive TPLF kills 6 University graduates, injures more than 30 and 2 security forces just last week. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters Click To Tweet The TPLF remnant militia is attacking on those involved in humanitarian actions in the region. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt Click To Tweet Now, Small TPLF remined crews are attacking law enforcement agencies in the Tigray region, but Amnesty didn’t mention it. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican Click To Tweet The federal government did not target innocent civilians. Amnesty comes up with biased report concerning Axum. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun Click To Tweet TPLF Militia attacks and rob in Tigray Region Wearing Eritrean Army uniform and Ethiopian national military uniform. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris Click To Tweet Ethiopian government in collaboration with international humanitarians is working to make accessible to all citizens seeking support in Tigray. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA Click To Tweet Diaspora TPLF and TMH activists have misrepresented the state of Tigray to the international media. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent Click To Tweet It is not new that more than 1.8 million Tigrayan’s were under humanitarian assistance during the region of TPLF; in some case law enforcement has raised the number of citizens seeking support. . #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights… Click To Tweet @AbiyAhmedAli & his Government tries its best to overcome the problem in Tigray. International Community should help than disseminate fake report! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau Click To Tweet Amnesty report focus on the massacre, mass detention, threats, burials, looting, hunger and thirst that were not registered on the ground! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @antonioguterres @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews Click To Tweet Amnesty’s briefing is an outdated issue and did not consider the current good changes in Tigray. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights Click To Tweet Amnesty International's report is based on information from one party that does not state the facts on the ground. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet @Amnesty Information obtained from TPLF criminals wanted by the Ethiopian government for committing crimes in Ethiopia and fleeing to Sudan. Hence it is unreliable? #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC Click To Tweet It is not surprising that the TPLF’s, which has been active in Amnesty International during its tenure, has provided such information. It is a completely baseless and one-sided report. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP Click To Tweet This Axum report calls into question Amnesty International's impartiality. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva Click To Tweet We are horrified to see such a well-respected international human rights organization like Amnesty International issuing a one-sided report that is biased!!! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet The refugees in Eastern Sudan, as references in amnesty international’s report are TPLF agents who kills thousands of Amhara civilians in #Maikadra, #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA Click To Tweet Tigran Liberation Front (TPLF) has been committing crime against humanity for the last 30 years. They had savagely and with racists mindset killed even their own peoples. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters Click To Tweet Most recently TPLF slaughtered 700 Amharas in #MaiKadra by their group of young people called ‘Samre’ who paid for it and flee to neighboring countries. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights Click To Tweet @AbiyAhmedAli and his government are playing the lion's share role of rebuilding the infrastructure and security issues of Tigray.#AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet During the law enforcement process all the basic infrastructures damaged by TPLF. How Cruel is that? #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters Click To Tweet A report of Amnesty International is full of fake and created news. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva Click To Tweet As Amnesty describes the Interview and finding of the research was done from the refuge in Sudan. Emm How Nasty is @amnesty? #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet The research done by amnesty is one-sided and based on interviewing the Criminals themselves. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish Click To Tweet Most of the Refuge found in Sudan is TPLF junta’s member and they are on run. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt Click To Tweet The fact in Aksum and the report Of Amnesty is not the same. The fact shows that there is no problem in Aksum. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Refuge in Sudan was mainly War criminals Participated on #Maikadra Genocides. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews Click To Tweet Amnesty International is acting as TPLF Juntas attorney. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights Click To Tweet What Amnesty did was a disgrace and shameful #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty v@UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Most refugees in Sudan are criminals. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews Click To Tweet The amnesty interview was limited to refugees in Sudan. It is biased! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt Click To Tweet The Amnesty report ashamed me because of the report focused on unwanted and uncreated event. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet @Amnesty focus on the damage TPLF Juntas done on many Organizations such as Axum Airport, Hospital and etc. Those are not bold enough, yes #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews Click To Tweet The report of Amnesty is one from many TPLF Propaganda styles. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights Click To Tweet Those who give interview for the research of Amnesty are wanted by the government of Ethiopia for committing crime against humanity and war Crime. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @AmnestyEARO Click To Tweet Amnesty was not free and fair organization and it stands not for peoples, it stands for failed cruel groups and Criminals. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet The report of Amnesty aims to spread fake news and mislead the world. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters Click To Tweet We Ethiopians and Eritreans ask amnesty to correct the finding and to prepare unbiased document. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt Click To Tweet Today the Tigray region Axum city is in a good condition and anybody can go and interview the peoples of Axum. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet There was no war or any massacre on Axum. In areas where the TPLF junta was fighting, the federal government of Ethiopia has been able to bring perpetrators to justice. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC Click To Tweet Axum and many towns rule of law mission was without any loss of life and they have now fully returned to their former peace and activities. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun@HRC @hrw Click To Tweet Amnesty International's report is untrue and biased. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Amnesty International is proving that it has forgotten why it was set up, how to compile evidence and disseminate it to the world. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters Click To Tweet Amnesty International report is compiled by asking the TPLF's ‘’Samri’’, a group of ethnic cleansers who have fled to Sudan after the massacre. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights Click To Tweet Amnesty International is expected to provide accurate and reliable and credible information to the world. With huge apology to the Ethiopian/Eritrean GOV and People! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP Click To Tweet


Amnesty International should be held accountable for providing biased information to the public. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency Click To Tweet Amnesty International has shown contempt for the people of the world by supporting the perpetrators of the massacre and by misleading the public. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun Click To Tweet Amnesty International is not expected to provide false information to the international community by asking the Samri who organized the genocide in #Maikadra. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @WFP Click To Tweet Amnesty International is an institution that cannot represent even the smallest village in the world. It can be seen by this false report. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet In the 21st century, when it is possible to move around and collect information disseminating false information to the public is an unethical practice! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency Click To Tweet Amnesty International is unsuitable for the 21st century. It has been proven to be inconsistent with intangible sources and untrue reports. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun Click To Tweet Amnesty International supported the assassins who entered Sudan after the massacre by making false report to the world. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @WFP Click To Tweet Amnesty International should be ashamed of supporting the killers and making false reports. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Amnesty International should apologize for forgetting its purpose and doing the wrong thing. Because there is no any massacre in Axum! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency Click To Tweet If Amnesty International stood up for human rights and for the truth, it exposes the massacre by the TPLF assassins to the people of the world. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun Click To Tweet During the law enforcement there was no human rights violations, currently all places in Tigray are peaceful and the government is working to rehabilitate the residents. Amnesty's report is untrue. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights Click To Tweet Amnesty's false report shows that it is cooperating with the killers. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Amnesty international report under the title of ‘the massacre in Axum’ is a biased one and did not present neutral, unbiased, credible evidence. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency Click To Tweet As the report indicates the evidence and eyewitness for Amnesty international are those refugees who fled to Sudan after committed crime on #Maikadra civilians. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent Click To Tweet The eye witness for Amnesty are the so called ‘samre'/ the killers/, they kill more than 1000 ethnic Amhara civilians brutally since December 6/2020. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @WFP Click To Tweet Amnesty International has been accused of misrepresenting information and witnesses in its coverage of Ethiopia concerning human rights violation. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Amnesty International interviewed witnesses and survivors of the massacre, all ethnic Tigrayans, so the report could not be valid. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency Click To Tweet Amnesty International interviewed all ethnic Tigrayans. So how could be it a valid and neutral report?? It is impossible to say the report is valid. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun Click To Tweet Amnesty international is a pro-TPLF, and whose source is ethnic Tigrayans. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @WFP Click To Tweet Amnesty’s report denies the TPLF junta attacks on North command ENDF. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Amnesty International has been working to reduce the TPLF's guilt and blame the government. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency Click To Tweet Amnesty, how did you use Samre, those who massacred innocent civilians in #maikadra and fled to Sudan refugee camp, as of your report as a source of information? #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent… Click To Tweet Amnesty report accused Eritrean military force. But, there is no any evidence that confirm the report from the Ethiopian and Eritrean government. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @WFP Click To Tweet Those refuges found in Hamdayet and are suspected of carrying out northern command and #Maikadra attacks should be tried in courts. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Amnesty never accused pro TPLF’s but act as spokesperson of them. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency Click To Tweet While law enforcement is active throughout the Tigray region, Amnesty International's report focuses on one area and it implies there is a hidden Conspiracy with TPLF junta. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker… Click To Tweet @Amnesty International did not enter the area to investigate the allegations and did not confirm the allegations. What a shame! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @WFP Click To Tweet The report does not cover the TPLF junta's killing of innocent civilians; the report uses the perpetrators of the massacre in #Maikadra as a source of information. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau Click To Tweet Amnesty International's current report ‘Massacre in Axum’ is a clear indication of complete political bias. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency Click To Tweet When a reputable organization like Amnesty International produces such false reports and loses its acceptability, it will be a human rights problem not only for Ethiopians but also for the people of the world!!! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


Literally mass killers are being promoted through amnesty’s report just to blame Ethiopian Gov't. Amnesty int’l has been given full access by the federal gov't just to blackmail it back, that's what money talks look like!!! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO Click To Tweet If Amnesty International is for the sake of truth seeking and the people, why should it cover up the unspoken genocide in #Mikadra and the group of “Samri” in Sudan? So biased they are!! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA Click To Tweet February 18, a bus carrying forty-one graduated students from mekale to Addis Ababa was attacked by TPLF remnant soldiers at a place called Adi mesino(Irrigation). #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent Click To Tweet 6 students were killed and 7 others were seriously injured in the Adi mesino TPLF attack, 2 members of the security forces who were escorting the students had also been killed. @amnesty Get the Fact right. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @TheSun @HRC @hrw @UNHumanRights Click To Tweet It's no wonder AMNESTY is nasty all over, filled with dirty biased reports, I remember once Ethiopia is so Democratic because western was so in love with TPLF’s ruling system, while the whole country is suffering and bleeding! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO Click To Tweet Mike Berhe from Boston who pretends to be a priest in his spare time Hope the world can now see how #TPLF have tricked them by spreading TPLF_Lies and the clearly false #TigrayGenocide narrative #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA Click To Tweet Under the current phase, access has been granted to international journalists from 7 international media agencies. These include AFP, Al Jazeera, New York Times, France 24, Reuters, BBC and Financial Times. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @Refugees @AJEnglish @AFP @BBC Click To Tweet @Amnesty is no longer a credible institution. How on earth pointing finger on another country without tangible evidence, all to destabilize and blacklist a country without TPLF? Was that TPLF wishful agreement with amnesty? #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @UN_HRC Click To Tweet TPLF Terrorist Group is responsible for humanitarian, material crisis and Damages of Infrastructure in Tigray region and Ethiopia. As a country for 27 years they have only served TPLF. No wonder Amnesty is always biased, not new! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty! Click To Tweet @Amnesty said don’t touch my darling TPLF, whomever they killed is a Sacrifices to rebuild Terrorist TPLF! Still #Mikadra mass killers are amnesty’s source. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @UNHumanRights @SecBlinken Click To Tweet We could have hired a better dramatist actor if we knew amnesty can be a best script producer like this report, who would go Sudan to interview the muggers while #Mikadra is still bleeding, those used as a source are Criminals! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @SecBlinken Click To Tweet It’s so funny how the fake priest Mr. Michael Berhe calling himself priest Woldemariam, the guy is in good shape broadcasting lies using the name AXUM ZION just to call on Zionism worldwide, professionally fake knows who to call or where it is sensitive!! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources Click To Tweet Facebook video @amnesty used, a guy narrating about Eritrean troops fighting with Axum militias, it’s really funny how he can tell all that from a gunshot sound,I think he can talk to the bullets; the guy is so fanatic and good narrator! That is amnesty's source!! #ShameOnAmnesty Click To Tweet


What a shocking report! Written by an international organization filled with one-sided narration, it is really shameful for Amnesty international to come up with such garbage. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @JoeBiden Click To Tweet Amnesty international what kind of research did you do? You interviewed the very perpetrators of the Maikadra massacre that slaughtered nearly 1000 ethnic Amharas because of their identity and fled to Sudan. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican Click To Tweet Amnesty international reached to this conclusion based on information it collected from the Samre youth refuges in Sudan, the group of Tigrayan gangs that massacred non-Tigrayan’s at #Maikadra. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA Click To Tweet Samre youth refuges in Sudan are badly wanted by the federal government for the genocide they committed. @amnesty used these as a source. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @JoeBiden @AJEnglish @hrw @reuters @UNGeneva Click To Tweet How come an international organization like Amnesty international write such garbage based on unfounded one-sided report without cross-checking from independent bodies. Shame on you!!! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @JoeBiden Click To Tweet The Ethiopian national defense force-controlled Axum with little causalities. This being the fact Amnesty International writes this report based on interviews from the defeated TPLF supporters. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA Click To Tweet Amnesty International serving as a mouth piece of the Fugitive TPLF mafia group that massacred the National defense forece as well as thousands of civilians at #Maikadra. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @JoeBiden @hrw Click To Tweet Amnesty international you wrote about your being independent of any government or political ideology bla bla bla but in reality, you are being bought up by TPLF juntas. The report says it all. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA Click To Tweet You said in your motto that you respect international law yet, you collected information from the very perpetrators of the #Maikadra massacre and reached to this politically crafted conclusion. Shame on you!!! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican Click To Tweet How come Amnesty International, an organization that claims stand for human rights, become indifferent of the #Maikadra massacre. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @JoeBiden @hrw @reuters @UNGeneva @LindaT_G @nytimes Click To Tweet Innocent ethnic Amhara massacred by Tigrayan Samre youth.Amnesty tries to cover up the Crime against humanity of this group by using them as a source of this false claimed and such sub-standard report. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @JoeBiden Click To Tweet Amnesty international please live up to the principles you claim to follow. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @nytimes @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @JoeBiden @statedeptspox @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @GarnettGenuis @hrw @reuters @UNGeneva Click To Tweet No Eritrean soldier participated in the law enforcement operation in Tigray. You @amnesty believed the lie you are fed by the TPLF misinformation junta. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @JoeBiden @UNGeneva @LindaT_G @nytimes Click To Tweet @amnesty did you know the TPLF played game by mobilizing its troops in Eritrean army uniforms produced in Almada textile factory designed for the purpose! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @JoeBiden @hrw @reuters @UNGeneva Click To Tweet


There are now 29 international organizations working on the ground under the Emergency Coordinating Committee (ECC) who are also members of the Incident Command Post. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @Refugees @FilippoGrandi @WFP @UNHCR @Refugees @AJEnglish @AFP @BBC Click To Tweet 3.1 million People have benefited from the humanitarian aid distributed in 34 woredas/districts out of 36 in the region. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty #TigrayFacts @AJEnglish @BBC @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @DailyMirror @PressSec @Joyce_Karam @CJL202 Click To Tweet The Government’s contribution to humanitarian assistance is maintained at 70 percent while international partner’s share of assistance is 30 percent. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty #TigrayFacts @GerrySimpsonHRW @ak_mack @malloch_brown @MssZeeUsman @Haavisto @PressSec Click To Tweet The Federal Government of Ethiopia is gravely concerned by unsubstantiated and politically motivated misinformation that is being extensively shared by several actors about the situation in Tigray. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty #TigrayFacts @richmondpblake @WHCOS Click To Tweet Per the joint protocols established in delivering humanitarian assistance, more than 135 personnel of bilateral and multilateral aid organizations have been provided clearance to travel and undertake assistance work in the region. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty Click To Tweet Unlike the prevailing and inaccurate narrative that purport vast parts of the region are inaccessible, the Government in partnership with international and local organizations has made significant progress in delivering humanitarian assistance to care for our citizens in Tigray. Click To Tweet The delivery of non-food items is also underway with the support of 10 international NGO and to ensure effective delivery and response, 10 clusters have been established based on international standards. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty #TigrayFacts @Joyce_Karam @HMafudze Click To Tweet Humanitarian assistance efforts thus far have been coordinated based on a joint assessment done by humanitarian experts, including those from partner countries and agencies, which consider the likelihood of a worst-case scenario. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty Click To Tweet 3.1million supported to date, also include beneficiaries identified as food insecure prior to the rule of law operations and that were under the Productive Safety Net Program. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty #TigrayFacts @richmondpblake @WHCOS @franblandy @Rosejackson3 Click To Tweet The Incidence Command Post serves as a focal point for the Emergency Coordinating Committee ECC to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches the people in need through the established structures. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty #TigrayFacts @DRC_ngo @AgencyArra @SOEFactCheck Click To Tweet Considering that the Tigray region was placed under a state of emergency, access to the region has been based on adherence to state of emergency protocols. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty #TigrayFacts @MuferihatK @RedwanHussien @Tesfahun_GK @CNkwetaSalami… Click To Tweet Both local and international journalists were provided access as early as November 2020 to cover the active phase of the rule of law operations and have filed reports from the region. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty #TigrayFacts @AtlanticCouncil @vanessatsehaye Click To Tweet Allegations that the region was subjected to ‘no media’ access is a false representation of the situation. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty #TigrayFacts @ragehomaar @_hudsonc @NorwayUN @HardinLang1 @AshishSPradhan @RussiaUN @GerrySimpsonHRW @ak_mack @malloch_brown Click To Tweet Independent investigations have also been carried out and the results made public by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, for which remedial actions will be taken by the government. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty #TigrayFacts @richmondpblake @WHCOS @franblandy Click To Tweet Considering the destruction of public documents, infrastructure and property by the criminal clique’s forces, the Provisional Administration of Tigray has faced some challenges. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty #TigrayFacts @PunchbowlNews @michellenichols @TheodoreMurphy Click To Tweet With ongoing budgetary support from the Federal government, a national solidarity initiative has been launched on February 18, 2021. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty #TigrayFacts @EnglebertPierre @DG_Lewis @JacobKushner @ramayade Click To Tweet All Tigray regional administrations have pledged to contribute financial, equipment and other material support, in reinforcing the capacity of the Provisional Administration to effectively deliver public services. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty #TigrayFacts @Refugees Click To Tweet The Government of Ethiopia is cognizant of the overt and covert misinformation campaigns that have been launched against it in relation to the rule of law operations undertaken. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty #TigrayFacts @DRC_ngo @AgencyArra @SOEFactCheck @SecBlinken Click To Tweet The criminal clique’s well financed networks abroad continue to employ the use of digital media and other means, to portray an exaggerated or misleading account of events unfolding on the ground. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty #TigrayFacts @DRC_ngo @AgencyArra Click To Tweet Statements and press releases being issued by partner agencies and countries that reflect an uptake of this disinformation campaign show callousness and indifference to the prevailing reality on the ground. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty #TigrayFacts @AJEnglish @BBC Click To Tweet Partner agencies and countries need to reflect the real progress made on the ground. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty #TigrayFacts @Lizhume4peace @richmondpblake @WHCOS @franblandy @Rosejackson3 @nicolewilett @BenParker140 @ECFRAfrica @PunchbowlNews @michellenichols Click To Tweet The Government of Ethiopia strongly wishes to reiterate its commitment to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its citizens in Tigray and advises all actors to beware of the misinformation campaign launched against it by those with hidden political motives. #ShameOnAmnesty Click To Tweet Perpetrators and those who harbour criminals will not escape justice and will be tried in the court of law. This includes crimes committed by more than 10,000 criminals that were imprisoned in the region and set loose by the fugitive criminal clique. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources Click To Tweet The only thing international about the so called Amnesty that went to Sudan TPLF refugee camp is the yellow flag that they carry with, they have been giving such reports already long before the Tigray region end up in conflict! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JoeBiden Click To Tweet


All this lie in the name of report by Amnesty International seems to rescue the remnants of the TPLF juntas that are in hiding. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @AmnestyEARO Click To Tweet No way Amnesty International! Ethiopia is a sovereign independent country it had never and will never allow the interference of a foreign country be it Eritrea or America in its domestic affairs. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews Click To Tweet Amnesty International cannot discredit the Ethiopian government effort using this fake report. The truth will be revealed soon. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty@HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt Click To Tweet Amnesty international is trying to exert pressure on Ethiopia using fake report. No!!! The whole world should know that Ethiopia defeated such colonialist mindset at the Battle of Adwa 100 year ago! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Ethiopia will never give in to neo-colonialists under the disguise of human right agencies like Amnesty International. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @AmnestyEARO @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews Click To Tweet Ethiopia a symbol of freedom to the rest of Africa is being attacked by neo-colonial agents gathered under the cover of human right agency @amnesty. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @ BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @Independent @TheSun @AmnestyEARO Click To Tweet Amnesty International is trying to twist the arm of the Ethiopian government into negotiation with the dead TPLF juntas. No way!!! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @AmnestyEARO @AmnestyEARO @AmnestyEARO Click To Tweet The whole point of this ill crafted report is to give life to the already dead TPLF gangs who looted the Ethiopian people wealth to finance corrupt Amnesty International so called experts. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau Click To Tweet We know that dead TPLF junta made you recruit its agents in Amnesty International and they are working around the clock to come up with such garbage. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @AmnestyEARO @ BBC @FoxNews Click To Tweet This is not a human right report it is rather a rescue operation aimed at saving the sons and daughters of remnants of TPLF fugitives, sponsored by Amnesty International. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @TheSun Click To Tweet Amnesty International had asked apology to Ethiopian government for the mistakes it committed. But, now it is becoming clearer that Amnesty International’s “apology” is as fake as Donald Trump’s hair. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @AmnestyEARO Click To Tweet We all know that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was good at one thing. They know how to turn international experts into propaganda ninjas. The report based on unverified claim by @amnesty tells it all. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @AmnestyEARO Click To Tweet This is a report irresponsibly written by Amnesty International based on unsubstantiated claims collected from perpetrators of the #Maikadra Massacre. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun Click To Tweet The Samre youth that fled to Sudan to escape from being accountable for the crime against humanity they committed are the sources of this fake @amnesty report. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @AmnestyEARO Click To Tweet It was @martinplaut who wrote about and tweeted on this unsubstantiated story on January 9, 2021 and the whole world know that Plaut is on the payroll of TPLF and now it is becoming evident that @amnesty is working with them. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO Click To Tweet


@Amnesty Which Genocide? #Mikadra? #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @ BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun Click To Tweet Oh lord. Amnesty International Interviewed #Tigray refugees in #Sudan for the #Axum report. How are we going to trust this report when we know damn well the butchers of #Mikadra are the source. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican Click To Tweet How are we going to trust this report since we know damn well the butchers of #Mikadra are embedded within the civilian population at the refugee camp in the Sudan? #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @ BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @TheSun Click To Tweet Pro TPLF militia brandishing stick, knives and stones' Do these weapons sound familiar? Does it remind you of a massacre that happened in a small town called #Mikadra? Are these your sources @amnesty? #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @AmnestyEARO @BBC Click To Tweet Almost all Amnesty's sources are in the Sudan. Most likely escaped militia men who committed the #Mikadra massacre. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @Independent @TheSun Click To Tweet @Amnesty Don’t forget to remember the massacre in #MaiKadra. Those university students that were killed by #TPLF Terrorist Group and the drivers trying to deliver aid to Tigray. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @antonioguterres Click To Tweet @Amnesty did you forget the Genocide committed in different parts of Ethiopia in the last 30 years? Who do you think committed such atrocities #TPLFisTheCause #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden Click To Tweet Ethiopia is dealing with TPLF remnants who are terrorists and will not stop targeting, looting and killing university students on the way back home from Tigray or drivers delivering aid to Tigray. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican Click To Tweet TPLF wants to make life hell for our people in Tigray. Stop their lipstick narration @amnesty! Just Stop It! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt Click To Tweet TPLF remnants are currently targeting and killing drivers delivering aid to Tigray, medical staff, #TPLF critique: and university students in Tigray. @amnesty get your Facts credible! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet BBC, TPLF ambushed a bus carrying University students in Tigray, killings at least 6, injuring 10 & killed 2 federal soldiers escorting them. The EU continues appeasement of the terrorist group TPLF will jeopardize HOA stability. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @BBC Click To Tweet Do you think killing students returning from Mekelle after celebrating their graduation from university fun? @amnesty Stop patronizing TPLF! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @AmnestyEARO @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @AFP @NewYorker Click To Tweet IN February 2021, remnant of TPLF killed 6 university students who are going back to their families after their graduation. @amnesty are you following the truth? #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @HRC @hrw @ @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @JustinTrudeau Click To Tweet TPLF destroyed Electric power station in Tigray. TPLF killed Tigray opposition party member. @amnesty are you listening? #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @BBC @FoxNews @JoeBiden @SecBlinken Click To Tweet TPLF junta dressed in the Eritrean soldiers’ uniform to attack and kill Innocent people in Tigray region. They are pretending like Eritrean soldiers. @amnesty get the Facts right! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees Click To Tweet @amnesty has revealed a politically laden, morally dishonest with clear contempt to the sovereignty of both Eritrea & Ethiopia & clearly designed to sow the seeds of long-term hatred between brotherly people of #Eritrea & #Tigray #Ethiopia #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources… Click To Tweet Wondering if those who try to believe that TPLF's fabricated Info & imitating pictures from other countries as if that's happening in #Ethiopia. Let's be clear that #TPLF is the source of all the atrocities & inhuman acts in Tigray region. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources… Click To Tweet An imposter from Boston who pretended to be an orthodox priest is presenting fake story of Axum. Ethiopia could win an Oscar with this kind of actors from TPLF if only they add script & production team from amnesty so called international. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources… Click To Tweet


The amnesty international asked excuse to Ethiopian people and Ethiopian government while making report in Axum, this report is 100% false! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish Click To Tweet @amnesty have no idea what TPLF were doing in Tigray. No Idea! You mourn the death of Terrorist junta #TPLF! We are worrying and helping our people of Tigray. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty Click To Tweet Amnesty international shame on you !How can you report based on fake information? #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @AmnestyEARO Click To Tweet @amnesty Stop supporting TPLF terrorist group! We are busy in helping our people. Don’t distract us! Just Stop this nonsense! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker Click To Tweet Nothing happened to Civilians in Axum during the law enforcement operation. Get your facts from credible Ethiopians in Tigray. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken Click To Tweet TPLF Terrorist force Massacred Amhara people in #Makadira. Ethiopian Government is helping the troubled Ethiopians in Tigray. These are Facts! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican Click To Tweet Ethiopian defense force controlled the city of Axum with minimum effort. The Axum city and its people are our roots of Pride. #Ethiopia has never been colonized! This is Fact! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish Click To Tweet Ethiopian force did not take any force to control Axum city. @amnesty doesn’t disturb the peaceful and religious people of Axum. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva Click To Tweet TPLF mafia group has killed hundreds of civilians in cold blood in #Maikadra. And they are used as a source of truth @amnesty and its international agents. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Amnesty international who gave you the license to spread disinformation? Was the TPLF fund credible? #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres@AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters Click To Tweet The Reality was TPLF forces took control of #Maikadra in a large-scale offensive, killing and displacing civilian with indiscriminate shelling and shooting. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @amnesty @UNHumanRights Click To Tweet Amnesty international report is based on fake information. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA… Click To Tweet Amnesty International has collected fake information to write up this report. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @ BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt Click To Tweet Amnesty International how come you gave a deaf ear and blind eye to the crime committed by TPLF FORCE in killing civilians at #maikadra? #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @AmnestyEARO Click To Tweet Ethiopian force Not fighting with civilian in Axum, or not use force to control any group in Axum. All Lie! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent Click To Tweet



Ethiopian force Not fighting with civilian in Axum, or not use force to control any group in Axum. All Lie! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker Click To Tweet TPLF Terrorist GROUP killed thousands of civilians IN TIGRAY! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau Click To Tweet Ethiopian force protects civilians from terrorist group TPLF in Axum. It needs reward not defame by Am-nasty @amnesty. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @antonioguterres @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters Click To Tweet @amnesty international, collected information from TPLF supporters on individual level. And Ignore the truth deliberately! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees Click To Tweet Amnesty international is the worst organization which fabricate the fake news and information about current situations of Ethiopia. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres Click To Tweet @amnesty collected fake information from Samri youths, a group that hid themselves in Sudan after attacked civilians in #MaiKadra with machetes and knives or strangled them with ropes. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency Click To Tweet Amnesty international is still trying to spread the false information about Ethiopia as well as Tigray region to the world community. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau Click To Tweet Amnesty International collecting fake information from samiri youth hiding in Sudan after murdered more than 600 hundred in #maikadra. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Eritrean troops did not kill civilians in Axum or Tigray region but TPLF dressed like them did it around Axum town in Ethiopia. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun @HRC @hrw @amnest @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees Click To Tweet Amnesty International’s on February 26/2021 report on Axum Tigray Ethiopia is not impartial. It has taken the evidence and eyewitness from horrendously guilty fugitives. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Amnesty International report on Axum is based on information given by samri youth group in the Sudanese refugee camp. It is 100% false! #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC Click To Tweet The TPLF gangster group, which has now lived in a refugee camp of Eastern Sudan, is 100% involved in the worst genocide of Tigray region especially #maikadra. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews @AFP @NewYorker @Independent @TheSun Click To Tweet The genocide perpetrated by the TPLF on the people of Tigray is an unforgettable event. #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @HRC @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP @KamalaHarris @JosepBorrellF @JustinTrudeau Click To Tweet We must say thanks to the Ethiopian government, for freeing the people of Tigray from the mafia group of TPLF #AmnestyUsedTPLFSources #ShameOnAmnesty @antonioguterres @AmnestyEARO @The_EastAfrican @UN_HRC @UNDPPA @EURightsAgency @BBC @FoxNews @AJEnglish @reuters @guardiannews Click To Tweet


  • […] Efforts to undermine critical reporting were also employed. Following Amnesty’s Axum report, for example, the state-affiliated Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) interviewed an investigative journalist who claimed that one of Amnesty’s witnesses was named Michael Berhe, and that he had not been in Axum at all – claiming that he was really a man based in Boston pretending to be a priest.78 That same day, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Archdiocese of New York confirmed to FANABC—Ethiopian state TV—that Berhe was not a priest, but a man working as an interpreter in Boston.79 Researchers with Amnesty say they never spoke to Berhe, and that he was not one of the witnesses in the report.80 Nevertheless, the “fake priest” misidentification, which began on state media made its way to Twitter,81 resulting in government supporters incorporating the hashtags #ShameOnAmnesty and #AmnestyUsedTPLFsources in their click-to-tweet campaign (see figure 10 below for an example).82 […]

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